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NEW        Hawk      2 horse walk thru w/Dress           $13,695 & up

NEW        Hawk      2 horse slant pull  w/Dress           $14,695 & up

NEW        Hawk     Custom 2 horse slant load              $14,995

NEW        Hawk      3 horse slant pull  w/Dress            $16,895 & up

NEW        Hawk      2 horse GN slant (one only at $18,850) Pic1

NEW        Hawk      2 horse straight-load walk-thru, ramp with window storm doors, composite flooring. 6′ wide, 7’6″ tall, 10′ horse compartment, full size dress area. Priced at $14,800  Pic1  Pic2

Additional units available, please call

NEW        Titan       2 horse slant Lightning, aluminum w/ fiberglass insulated top $14,900  Pic1

NEW        Titan       3 horse slant Lightning, aluminum w/ fiberglass insulated top $14,995 (one only)  Pic1

NEW        Titan       3 horse slant Lightning, aluminum w/ fiberglass insulated top $16,700  Pic1

NEW      Titan Royal 3 horse slant load, very nice unit that includes drop windows at head, butt windows, vents, rear tack and racks, front escape door, mats, lined, aluminum fenders, DR has a nice size and camper vent too. Priced at: $12,995  Pic1  

NEW        Titan       2 horse slant pull, Primo – Starting at $7,700  Pic1

NEW        Titan       3 horse slant pull, Primo – Starting at $7,995   Pic1  Pic2

NEW        Titan       2 horse slant Royal   $9,700  Pic1  Pic2

NEW        Titan       3 horse slant pull Royal    $11,200  Pic1  Pic2

NEW        Titan       2 horse slant, 6’8″ wide body, 14′ long, 7’3″ tall  $8,100  Pic1

NEW        Titan       4 horse slant Challenger, silver  $11,100  Pic1

NEW        Titan       Various sizes and prices                     

***Please call due to fluctuating prices and inventory.

NEW        Corn Pro       7 x 16 x 7 tall GN stock (6k axels)  $10,500   Pic1  Pic2  Pic3

NEW        Corn Pro       6 x 12 x 7 tall Stock at $5,950    Pic1   Pic2

Various colors are available

NEW       Jackson     – CALL for your quote on twos, threes, and four horse- pull type and gooseneck trailers!

USED    2013 Lakota Big Horn (model BB8316) 8′ wide LQ 17′ shortwall, 12′ slide-out, fully self contained.  Too many options to fully list including electric 20′ awning. Onan generator too. Priced to sell at $59,995 Minimal use. 

USED      CM 2 horse side by side. It is not super pretty any longer but there is a lot of life left in this trailer. We are working on a bit of TLC and this trailer should be ready to roll out after the 4th of July 2020. This trailer will not carry a tall or long bodied equine. (Small to average) 

USED     2007  Everest 33’,  5th wheel.   Price Reduced $23,500

USED        Appalachian     25’ GN deck-over  $3,995

SOLD    Corn Pro 16′ stock trailer, needs TLC.  $2,395

SOLD   2006 Delta 16′ stock trailer in very good condition. $3,895

SOLD   90\’s Sundowner 3 horse slant GN. Re-paint to white, rear tack, front escape, good over-all condition. Roof rack and ladder. Ready to use!  $6,295 Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4

SOLD    Hawk 4 horse slant gooseneck with center tack and pass thru.  Pic1

SOLD    2006 4 horse wide body DTM (Hawk clone) is ready for your inspection. Unit is an 8 wide, 7’4″ tall, 44″ stalls, large dress, swing-out rear saddle racks, real stud divider, etc. Priced at $13,495  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4

SOLD    Jackson Omega Sierra 2 horse dress pull straight load w/mangers. Nice over all condition for the age. Good tires and floor, cabinets in DR, double feed, tack and escape doors. Horse doors with storms, mats and pads. $3,795  Pic1  Pic2 

SOLD     1992 S&H 2 horse straight load, 6′ wide, 6’6″ stalls, 6’6″ + tall at $3695  Pic1  

SOLD      Titan Royal 3 horse slant with drop windows, buttside slide glass, mats lined, aluminium fenders at $10,900   Pic1 

SOLD    2000 Barrett Full aluminum stock combo gooseneck  $5,895  Pic1 

SOLD       Corn Pro        6 x 16 x 6’6″ tall stock trailer at $6,450   Pic1

SOLD     Very nice 2014 Titan Avalanche 3 horse slant-load gooseneck – just arrived. Silver body, walk-thru, rear tack, double rear horse doors. 1/2 ton tow-ability. Ready to go, now! $9795

SOLD        Hawk     Custom 2 horse straight-load wide body w/Dress, ready for those long hauls with upgraded axles and 16″ tires.  7’6″ tall, 80″ wide, 11′ horse compartment.  $15,200

SOLD        Corn Pro        2 horse slant w/drops/DR, wide (One only on-site at $7,495)  2019s   $7,995

SOLD   2005 Hawk 2 horse straight-load w/horse doors and dress. Storage bin, bulkhead slide window, fresh tires, Rumber flooring, and more. Nice overall condition! $7500

SOLD    2009 Hawk mini trailer to fit your needs! $5495

SOLD    1991 Trail Magic unit will indeed need some work. It is a basic 3 horse slant, front dress, good floor, but rusty. Priced at $1995

SOLD     2000  Hawk GN 2 horse slant with LQ, apron ramp.  $7,495

SOLD     2010 Hawk Elite 2 horse slant pull, apron ramp, nice all around, home built dressing room cabinets with sleeper top.  White body, grey stripes, local trade-in. $9,995

SOLD    Corn Pro        Stock, various colors   6‘ x 16‘ x 6.6’tall        $6,250 to $6,450 in stock

SOLD    Light weight, aluminum, 2 horse slant-load Titan \\\”Lightning\\\” Swing-out saddle racks, window in DR door, spare in DR, double rear horse doors, drop windows with bars, rubber lined, pads, mats, interior lights, Priced at $12900 with full warranty.

Trailers come and go.  Please call us to check what we have coming in!

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