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Whether you are traveling to a show, the trail, or the vet, we want to make sure you and your horses get there safely. At Horseman Trailer Sales, we carry a number of horse, stock, and cargo trailers in a price range you can afford.

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We are a dealer for Hawk, Titan, Jackson, Elite, Corn Pro, and others. We also carry a nice inventory of new and used trailers. If you are in search of a specific trailer or brand, please contact us so that we may help.

Hawk Back Corner
Hawk Row

Hawk Trailers

Hawk trailers designs and manufactures high-quality horse trailers known for their construction, function, and lasting value.  

Standard Models

Custom trailers are a specialty, high end models are Elite Series.

Titan 2h 4
Tatan 2h 3
Titan 2h 2

Titan Trailers

Titan trailers designs and manufactures quality horse trailers known for their rigid construction, and value.

Model Shown

Titan Avalanche III (Pictured)


Elite Trailers

Elite trailers is dedicated to producing the “Top Quality” aluminum trailers for the market.

Corn Pro 1
Corn Pro 2
Corn Pro 3

Corn Pro Trailers

Corn Pro trailers provide rock solid transportation, reasonably priced.

Trailers Offered

They offer horse, stock, stock slant, flat deck, utility, dump, and skid steer trailers.

Jackson 1
Jackson 2
Jackson Trailer 3

Jackson Trailers

Jackson has earned a reputation of producing some of the highest quality steel trailers available.

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