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2020 Hawks are now in production

Spring is in the air!

We have a nice selection of new

and used Hawk trailers in-stock.

Spring prices now in effect.



NEW        Hawk      2 horse walk thru w/Dress           $13,695 & up

NEW        Hawk      2 horse slant pull  w/Dress           $14,695 & up

NEW        Hawk     Custom 2 horse slant load              $14,995

NEW        Hawk     Custom 2 horse straight-load wide body w/Dress, ready for those long hauls with upgraded axles and 16\” tires.  7\’6\” tall, 80\” wide, 11\’ horse compartment.  $15,200   pic1  pic2  pic3  pic4  pic5

NEW        Hawk      3 horse slant pull  w/Dress            $16,895 & up

NEW        Hawk      3 horse GN slant (one only at $18,495) Pic1

NEW        Hawk      2 horse straight-load walk-thru, ramp with window storm doors, composite flooring. 6\’ wide, 7\’6\” tall, 10\’ horse compartment, full size dress area. Priced at $14995  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5  Pic6  Pic7


Additional units available, please call

NEW      Titan Royal 3 horse slant load, very nice unit that includes drop windows at head, butt windows, vents, rear tack and racks, front escape door, mats, lined, aluminum fenders, DR has a nice size and camper vent too. Priced at: $12995  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5

NEW        Titan       2 horse slant pull, Primo – Starting at $7,600  Pic1

NEW        Titan       3 horse slant pull, Primo– Starting at $7,995   Pic1

NEW        Titan       2 horse slant w/ generous dress area & rear tack   $10,295  Pic1

NEW        Titan       3 horse pull in silver       $10,295

NEW        Titan       3 horse slant pull       $9,995   Pic1

NEW        Titan       2 horse Avalanche slant load pull     $9,450

NEW        Titan       2 horse Avalanche slant load pull     $9,750

NEW        Titan       2 horse slant, 6\’8\” wide body, 14\’ long, 7\’3\” tall  $8,900  Pic1

NEW        Titan      GN Full Aluminum combo: box length 24\’ long, 4\’ dress/tack area, 20\’ stock space, plex rails, 7\’ tall inside, 7\’6\” wide aluminum trailer.  Priced right at $23,900  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5  Pic6

NEW        Titan       Various sizes and prices                      ***Please call due to fluctuating prices and inventory.

NEW        Corn Pro        3 horse stock slant at $7,695  Pic1

Various colors are available

NEW       Jackson     – CALL for your quote on twos, threes, and four horse- pull type and gooseneck trailers!

USED   90’s Sundowner 3 horse slant GN. Re-paint to white, rear tack, front escape, good over-all condition. Roof rack and ladder. Ready to use!  $6,295 Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5

USED   Jackson Omega Sierra 2 horse dress pull straight load w/mangers. Nice over all condition for the age. Good tires and floor, cabinets in DR, double feed, tack and escape doors. Horse doors with storms, mats and pads. $3,795  Pic1  Pic2

USED    2000 Barrett Full aluminum stock combo gooseneck  $5895  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4

USED    Very nice 2014 Titan Avalanche 3 horse slant-load gooseneck – just arrived. Silver body, walk-thru, rear tack, double rear horse doors. 1/2 ton tow-ability. Ready to go, now! $9795

USED     2007  Everest 33’,  5th wheel.   $24,500

USED        Appalachian     25’ GN deck-over  $3,995

SOLD        Corn Pro        2 horse slant w/drops/DR, wide (One only on-site at $7,495)  2019s   $7,995 Pic1

SOLD   2005 Hawk 2 horse straight-load w/horse doors and dress. Storage bin, bulkhead slide window, fresh tires, Rumber flooring, and more. Nice overall condition! $7500  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4

SOLD    2009 Hawk mini trailer to fit your needs! $5495  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3

SOLD    1991 Trail Magic unit will indeed need some work. It is a basic 3 horse slant, front dress, good floor, but rusty. Priced at $1995 Pic1  Pic2

SOLD     2000  Hawk GN 2 horse slant with LQ, apron ramp.  $7,495  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5  Pic6  Pic7

SOLD     2010 Hawk Elite 2 horse slant pull, apron ramp, nice all around, home built dressing room cabinets with sleeper top.  White body, grey stripes, local trade-in. $9,995  pic1  pic2  pic3 

SOLD    Corn Pro        Stock, various colors   6‘ x 16‘ x 6.6’tall        $6,250 to $6,450 in stock  Pic1

SOLD    Light weight, aluminum, 2 horse slant-load Titan \”Lightning\” Swing-out saddle racks, window in DR door, spare in DR, double rear horse doors, drop windows with bars, rubber lined, pads, mats, interior lights, Priced at $12900 with full warranty.  Pic1

SOLD    Featherlite STL 2 horse mangered straight-load. Extra long stall length, 6\’ wide, 6\’6\” tall, single feed and tack doors. Rear aluminum ramp (removable) with a full swing rear door, front escape door.  $4,995

SOLD     1995 Kingston 2 horse straightload with dressing room. Aluminum/Steel Just in, stop and look it over. $5595.   Pic1

SOLD     2007   Titan, 7x7x14, double rear horse doors, factory spring-loaded ramp, mats, spare, storage box, nice condition.   $5,595  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5

SOLD    2004 Titan 2 slant, 7x7x14, double rear horse doors, swingout saddle racks, etc.  $5,195  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5  Pic6  Pic7

SOLD    2000 Hawk Elite 3 horse gooseneck, center and rear tack, extra saddle racks too, weekender package. This is extra high and in super shape! Priced at $13900  Pic1

SOLD       2006 Triple B & J 2 horse.  Double escape, 1 feed door, 1 tack door, spare, mats, etc. Light weight at just over 2K Take a look! Priced at only $3995  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5

SOLD     S&H 2 Horse pull.  $3,850  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3

SOLD     Gently used 2017 2 horse Hawk Custom slant load White/Gray  larger tires, added rack post in DR, rear tack, 7\’4\” tall inside, 6\’8\” wide, 14\’7\” body length. Remaining warranty available. NICE !! Save thousands over new! White/Grey at $11,995   Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4 

SOLD      Jackson 2 horse straight load. This trailer (Omega series) comes to us in great shape and weights only 2400 lbs. It is 7\’ plus tall, 6\’6\” stalls, 3\’ head area, double feed, tack and escape doors. Sliding dual saddle racks as well. A great trailer for only $4,850  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5

SOLD       2007 Circle D 3 horse GN slant $6,895  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4

SOLD        Hawk      Custom 2 horse walk thru w/Dress, horse doors and apron ramp, white w/ grey  $13,500  pic1  pic2  pic3

SOLD        Hawk      Custom2 horse walk thru w/Dress, ramp, pewter w/ silver   $12,900  pic1  pic2  pic3

SOLD     Merhow 3 horse slant full aluminum.  Escape door, rear tack, 7\’6\” tall, removable lower front divider, minimal use.  $14,995  Pic1

SOLD       2002 Jackson 2 horse straight load.  6’ wide, 7’ tall, 6’6” stalls, fully enclosed, silver with fresh tires.  $4995  Pic1

SOLD       Hawk     6 horse slant load, center tack, front dress, nice condition, now at $6,495

SOLD       Hawk     2007 Elite GN 4 hors, mid-tack, air, awning, and more    $14,495  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3 

SOLD     Jackson aluminum 2 horse slant-load. (similar to Hawk) 7\’2\” tall, 81\” wide, front escape, lower divider, pass-thru door into Dress, rear tack and swing out racks, drop windows w/bars, nice dress space with camper door and screen.  Priced at $7800  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5

SOLD        Chaparral     stock/slant pull                               $3,995

SOLD        Elite      Prestige 3 horse GN LQ                reduced to $33,995

SOLD       Hawk     2015 2 horse mangered straight load walk thru w/DR   $10,995

SOLD        Corn Pro        3 horse slant load pull in grey

SOLD       Featherlite STL    3 horse slant load that can doble as a stock trailer.  Features a nice dress/tack space with saddle racks, swing-away wall, 2 dividers, full swing rear door with chute gate for those smaller animals.   $5,995  Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

SOLD       2001 Hawk Elite 2 horse GN walk-thru doors with full height horse doors that just arrived. Dual head dividers (flow through or solid). One owner and always kept under cover. Really nice for only $9,495 Take a look!  Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5

Trailers come and go.  Please call us to check what we have coming in!

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